How to get the wine cellar of the future

How to get the wine cellar of the future

How to get the wine cellar of the future

When you think about smart home technology, you might not think of your everyday automation like temperature, lighting and shade control, security and entertainment impacting your wine cellar. But new technology exists for any level of connoisseur and any size collection, complete with the accessibility and organization at your fingertips thanks to state-of-the-art smart home technology and apps, and can be easily integrated into your home’s current automation tech. With the right system, you’ll never have to worry about a power outage at home damaging your wine during your next vacation again.

These systems have many benefits that are only enhanced when connected to your existing home automation technology. Motorized shades, lighting and audio aren’t just for your living spaces anymore – you can utilize your smart home tech to protect your cellar from uninvited guests, control the temperature and adjust the lighting to set the mood. For those with more serious collections, many systems offer inventory monitoring, so you always know when a bottle has been accessed and who accessed it. Need some inspiration? Check out these five luxury homes that feature next-level cellars or this Star Trek fan, who integrated his home automation into his themed wine cellar.

Protect your wine from humidity, temperature changes and power outages with high-tech options like the Elertus Wine Protection System or the IWG Cellar Cerveau. Some come pre configured with an expansive listing of data like wine types, grape varieties and tasting notes, while other apps can also offer suggestions for new additions to your collection. Some systems like the Cellar Cerveau and eSommelier even come equipped with RFID label technology and label recognition software to help you track your inventory – down to where the bottle is located in your cellar and what your current collection is worth.

If you’re ready for the cellar of your dreams, let us show you how to integrate your cellar with the rest of your home’s automation.


The Ease of Automation

The Ease of Automation

The Ease of Automation

What is home automation? To put it simply, it’s about making the complex simple. Considered a luxury by many, and indeed custom lighting control, motorized shades and music streaming throughout your home add elegance, warmth and a layer of luxury, but the true purpose of home automation is to make the everyday easier. Home automation automates features such as your lights, window shades, door locks, HVAC, garage door, security and more. It makes them talk to one another, work together as one. Without question, it’s convenient to pull up in front of your home late at night and, right from your phone, be able to activate a welcome scene that lights your path and home’s interior while unlocking the door and disarming the alarm. But it also helps keep you safe. And imagine if faced with a life-threatening medical emergency or house fire – an integrated lighting and security system could flash the outside lights to quickly alert first responders.

Home automation is about enjoying life’s moments, freeing you from simple tasks. Along with saving time, it also helps save you money by adding energy-saving efficiencies. Occupancy sensors can trigger lights to turn off in an empty room. Window shades can raise and lower to either take advantage of the sunlight or block it out when the AC is cranked up. Lighting control with pre-set scenes of slightly dimmed lights also yield savings, while adding ambiance and convenience.

Parents appreciate getting an alert when their teenager arrives home safely after school. Caregivers are thankful that simple features like voice-control can provide an aging parent greater independence. How could you simplify your everyday with home technology? Are you ready to enjoy life’s little luxuries? Let’s get started.

ALL DIGITAL - Engineered for Entertaining

ALL DIGITAL - Engineered for Entertaining


While parts of the country are digging out of the snow, we in South Florida are already enjoying spring with its sunny afternoons and balmy evenings. How can outdoor living get any better? Whether hosting a raucous pool party, catching the Marlins, Dolphins or Heat game under the pergola, or blending “frozen concoctions” under the tiki hut, a well-placed TV is a great source of entertainment. The intense Sofla sun and salt can take a toll on the display, however, so it’s important to use a unit specifically designed to stand up to what mother nature can dole out. All Digital happens to have just the thing!

­Outdoor (weatherproof/waterproof) TVs hit the market just a few years ago. They were completely encased and offered a brighter viewing screen to compensate for sunny conditions. Unfortunately, they were somewhat bulky and unstylish. Well, not anymore! Today’s selections are sleek and provide optimal image quality that overcomes extreme brightness as well as compensating for low light levels, providing solutions for full-sun patios or shady covered porches. Anti-reflective and anti-glare features also add to the viewing quality. Not only do these weatherproof TVs look stunning, but they’re built to withstand our extreme temperatures, resist moisture and seal out dust, dirt and the myriad insects that could not only compromise the life of an ordinary indoor unit, but void its warranty.

Other advantages include their durability and safety. Unlike indoor units that could pose a greater risk of electrical shock or fire hazard if used outdoors, TVs built for the outdoors have durable exteriors and tempered safety glass for safe, long-term enjoyment and reliability.

Weatherproof TVs are the perfect solution for both backyards and yachts. They don’t care about getting splashed with salt water or rained on and can withstand the punishment of performing on-board. There are also attractive dust covers made specifically to keep them clean during downtime.

Choices in outdoor audio solutions to complement your weatherproof TV are extensive. Similar to purpose-built Outdoor TVs, outdoor speakers and subwoofers feature weather-resistant materials. Their cones are made of specialized materials and their electronic components are sealed from moisture. They are designed to cover expansive outdoor zones with even sound dispersion, some even providing full 360° coverage. And the design choices are endless with speakers created to resemble everything from natural stones or elegant planters to sleek landscape spotlights -even subterranean subwoofers that are installed underground. Outdoor-rated soundbars offer yet another option. Many weather-resistant accessories are also available including wireless gear, seals for cable cover doors and even remote controls!

Make the most of your outdoor living space year-round. Call us today for a complimentary in-home (or poolside!) consultation. We’d love to show you your choices in outdoor living solutions.


Beyond the Lightning Strike: Why Power Management is So Important (especially in South Florida!)

Beyond the Lightning Strike: Why Power Management is So Important (especially in South Florida!)

Salamander Rack.jpg

Protect your systems from everyday power spikes for improved performance and longevity

We’ve all heard the devastating stories of lightning strikes critically disabling a home’s electronic systems. To add to the frustration and expense, these overwhelming losses are seldom covered under your warranty as the failure was not the fault of the equipment and because additional damage caused to circuits is nearly impossible to detect. And the issues with power extend beyond the rare lightning strike. “Dirty” power, power abnormalities that include frequency or voltage variations, surges and low power factors, critically impacts your system’s performance and longevity.

Digital Performance

Dirty power creates “noise”, electrical pollution, across your sensitive audio and video equipment. While the external power source may be partly to blame, so is every appliance,
motor-driven and “connected” (Internet of Things) device throughout your home as each are
drawing power as they cycle on and off. These drops and spikes across a shared circuit result in
poor performance and quality.

It’s what you don’t see

Damage is sometimes immediate and obvious, but all too often slight damage can occur and go undetected, weakening the equipment and impacting its performance. Over time, this drain will shorten it’s lifespan. The use of low-cost power strips can lead to this type of failure. Not
commonly known, many of these devices are “once and done,” meaning that it may be able to
protect the connected equipment against one strike, but not against subsequent spikes. So,
what if the homeowner were unaware that the power strip had been “hit”, rendering it useless

Back up!

Control processors and other sensitive equipment will experience an immediate shutdown
during power outages. As power restoration is attempted, the system will attempt to reboot
perhaps repeatedly. This can compromise the software and firmware, potentially losing stored
content. By providing a battery backup, the processor can power down on its own and
successfully reboot. Lamp displays and cooling fans can continue to run, preventing lamp
burnout and overheating. And for the die-hard gamer, unsaved “levels” will not be lost!
So, how do we achieve “clean” and constant power? Starting with a robust network, we follow
best practices, installing power filters, professional-grade surge suppression and battery back-
up. The results are reliable, safe, clean power that improves your system’s performance and
longevity while protecting your investment.

Why Planning for Technology in the Construction Plan Matters

Why Planning for Technology in the Construction Plan Matters


Proper planning and implementation of AV & IT will help your  business realize the best possible outcomes.

Now more than ever, AV/IT plays an increasingly important role in our day-to- day
operations. Businesses depend on technologies to collaborate and communicate with
their customers and internal teams. Technologies connect us to the Internet of Things
(IoT) and integrate our various technology systems to work as one. They gather data,
and then help us disseminate and act upon it, making our technologies even more
effective. They are vital to our daily workflow and operations and key to our business
strategy and success, yet they are often overlooked in the design and planning phase of
a project.

The prime objective of your AV systems is to create a collaborative environment
enabling effective, productive meetings for faster decision-making. To maximize its
potential, it must be easy-to- use while providing the right mix of technologies along with
connectivity to those technologies. It will likely include an interactive display or projection
system, a collaborative platform with wireless connectivity, an intuitive touch panel for
room scheduling and controls, access to power and to the internet. Depending on the
considerations made at the onset of the room’s design, the outcome of this space can be
remarkably different.

Ergonomics and Design Aesthetics

Successful design outcomes begin with the user, focusing on their comfort and
accessibility to the room’s features. Users should be able to sit at a conference table or
in a huddle space, plug in to a power source, connect to the room’s collaborative
devices, comfortably view a screen and easily start a meeting. Without proper planning
however, users may have power cords strewn across pathways to access outlets,
fumble to connect to the room’s technologies and struggle to view shared content due to
improper display size or placement. By determining placement in the design phase,
power, AV & IT infrastructure, display or projector and screen and control panels can be
properly located and aesthetically incorporated into the room. This phase also presents
an optimal opportunity to review technology strategies and provide connectivity for future

Not only will planning at this phase produce the most comfortable and visually
appealingly results which encourages greater adoption but will provide the best options
available while saving potentially costly retrofits and change orders. For example, based
on the room’s size and desired projection area, the projector would need to be
positioned 12 feet from the screen. If that calculation is not considered at the onset of
the project and a custom, coffered ceiling is added, forcing the projector to move a few
feet in either direction, either the size of the viewing area will be compromised, or a
specialized lens may be required to accommodate the change, potentially adding cost to
the project. Either result is not optimal for the client.

Partnering for Optimal Outcomes

Working in partnership with design professionals for equipment placement, integrated
motorized shades, lighting and room control allows for sleek, custom design possibilities.
Rather than a fixed installation, for example, the projector may be elegantly incorporated
into the ceiling design, extending from a cleverly hidden lift mechanism. The screen may
also descend from a concealed soffit location and A/V equipment may be stowed in a
built-in credenza or, if conduit has been provided, located outside of the room. Similarly,
power and device connectivity can be offered via built-in table pop-ups, if considerations
have been made to locate floor boxes at the table base. Another critical factor in a
project’s success is its timeline. A pro will manage the project throughout its lifecycle,
coordinating wiring and technology integration with adjacent trades and communicating
and resolving any issues that may arise.
Proper planning and coordination with design and technology integration professionals
from the project’s inception helps keep it on schedule and on budget while delivering the
best possible technology and aesthetic outcomes. Ready to start planning your next
project and formulate your technology strategies for 2018 and years to come? Let’s get

Partnering with a Technologist for Elegant Results

Partnering with a Technologist for Elegant Results

Working with a pro ensures the best design, reliability, performance and service for your home technology systems

With the countless, innovative smart home technology devices on the market today, how do you know which is best…and which is the best for you? Smart locks, connected doorbells and security devices are wonderful to have, but they’re much more valuable if they’re integrated into your home’s control system. Lighting control, motorized shades and automated garage control are not only convenient, but also a great way to imitate that someone is home while you’re away…particularly if you can access them remotely. So, of all the must-have technologies out there, how do you determine the right solution for you – for today, for tomorrow and beyond?

Tech “Talk”, tools and know-how

Your devices and systems need to talk to one another, and we speak their language. As a CEDIA Professional and Technologist, we have an extensive depth and breadth of knowledge in home technologies and stay current on emerging trends. We know what’s available, what’s on the horizon and, based on your wants and needs, can design a system that will work seamlessly together and be easily controlled. We’ll make sure you’ve got the infrastructure to support it and that we’ve taken future demands into consideration.

Connected, compatible & scalable

What makes a smart home so smart? It’s a system that works together with simple control. It’s an orchestration of elegant, convenient features that control music and lighting throughout your home, secure your entryways, control your climate, access your water features and pool pump, watch over your wine cellar, close your shades and fire up a movie. It’s a scalable system that anticipates growth and an increasing number of devices on your internet of things. It’s a maintenance plan that offers peace of mind. It’s an everyday luxury that puts safety, comfort and entertainment at your fingertips.

Leave the worry and wondering up to us. Give us a call and let’s work together to discover the right solution for you.

Enhance the Design and Enjoyment of Any Space with Acoustical Treatments

Enhance the Design and Enjoyment of Any Space with Acoustical Treatments


Custom panels absorb unwanted noise while complementing the room’s decor

Listen! What are you hearing? If you’re home in your media room, are you experiencing the audio as intended with clean, crisp speech and striking, directional sound effects? If you’re seated in a restaurant for an intimate, fine-dining experience, are you able to comfortably engage in conversation, or is the space buzzing with deafening chatter and clanking dishes? Sound is a critical factor in how we experience a space, yet it is often completely overlooked in the room’s design.

Laughter and lively conversation create a fun, bustling atmosphere but, if the space is designed with only hard, reflective surfaces, the noise level in the room can quickly escalate, reaching an uncomfortable level. In fact, according to a ZAGAT survey, when asked what irritated them most about dining out, 25% responded “noise”, a staggering percentage coming in second behind only “service”. A similar survey by the Action on Hearing Loss found corroborating results; 91% of respondents said that they would not return to a venue where noise levels were too high.

Background music and normal speaking levels are desirable sounds, but noises that bounce off the high ceilings and hard surfaces need to be controlled. That’s the job of acoustical treatment, a thoughtfully engineered and aesthetically designed system of ceiling, wall and floor treatments to absorb noise and improve sound.

Sound & Surface

A sound wave will bounce around a room, reflecting off surfaces until it hits an object that either breaks it up or absorbs it. Made of sound-absorbing material like foam or fiberglass, sound absorption products are intended to absorb unwanted noise, such as echo, within a space. Acoustic panels, tiles, ceiling clouds, & ceiling baffles are all sound absorption products that are designed to dampen sound in a properly treated space. An acoustical analysis will determine the treatments required to improve the room’s acoustical properties. Once determined, the design choices are endless with custom fabrics, materials, shapes and placement options that will complement the architecture and décor.

Comforts of home

Uncomfortable noise & distractions aren’t limited to public places. With the trend of many people choosing to work from home, a focus has shifted to controlling sound levels not just in our home theaters, but throughout our homes. Not surprisingly, many newly constructed homes and multi-unit buildings now have noise blocking requirements. For homes that do not offer these initial treatments, noise control can be combatted with carpeting or floating hardwoods, luxurious draperies, plush upholstered furnishings, and, of course, elegant acoustic panels. Panels created for the home can mimic art, featuring your favorite movie, musician or vacation destination, your family or even resembling a window overlooking a skyline.

Did you hear that?

So, listen. Are you able to have a conversation with the clerk behind the desk or with your waiter without shouting? Can you conduct a comfortable video conferencing call from your office without raising your voice above the HVAC or office chatter? Sound is an essential element in the overall experience of a space and the treatments to overcome unwanted noise are extensive and elegant. Are you ready to have a “conversation” about how to address the acoustics in your spaces? Call us today – we’re “listening”!

Additional Resources:

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Home Automation Improves Homes, Lives and Resale Value!

Home Automation Improves Homes, Lives and Resale Value!


By now, you’ve probably heard about – if not own for yourself – Amazon’s Alexa. You might even belong to the 25 percent of people who own some other kind of smart home product.

What you might not have heard is that smart home technology is making its mark on the real estate industry. In fact, artificial intelligence (like Alexa) and other smart home technology can actually increase the resale value of most homes – an important factor to consider now that more Millennials are buying homes and interested in these connected devices.

This shift comes as no surprise. Smart home technology can increase energy efficiency, which saves homeowners money on utility bills, while also providing an eco-friendly appeal. Combine this with the added convenience of technology controlling your thermostat and connecting all of your media, to the safety and security of keyless entry, video doorbells and 24/7 monitoring, and it’s no wonder why so many homeowners are investing in this tech to improve their homes and lives.

Houzz also reported an increase in the importance of smart technology integration among home buyers, especially first-time buyers, in their 2017 Houzz and Home renovation overview. This increase came along with an increase in “green” energy and material trends, as well as improving the functionality of a home and alleviating health concerns, which can also all be addressed with the right smart tech.

Having control over every aspect of their home is so important to some home buyers that integrating these systems can not only increase the overall market value of your home by 3-7 percent, but also help you sell it sooner. According to A Lot Living, the automation systems that can add the most value to your home “include whole house lighting control, automated door locks, temperature control that works from a phone, and security cameras, as well as home alarm systems.”

At a time when people are busy and constantly connected, home buyers are prioritizing the connectivity and convenience offered by home automation and other smart technology systems. So whether you’re looking to buy your first home or sell one you’ve had for a years, consider the benefits of a fully-automated home.

Weaving the Automated Lifestyle

Weaving the Automated Lifestyle

Lutron Hi-rise shades.jpg

The color, weave and design choices in window shades are anything but beige!

We’ve been talking up the benefits of automated window treatments for years. They’re an elegant choice in window treatment and offer a variety of unique shading solutions across your home. They filter south Florida’s glaring sunlight, adding comfort while protecting your furniture from fading. They can be programmed to simulate that your home is occupied, acting as a deterrent for would-be burglars. And they save energy. The list goes on. But, as extensive as their features and attributes, are their exquisite array of color and fabric choices.

Motorized window coverings provide a range of minimal coverage to complete blackout. If you’re in need of multiple shading solutions, such as a sunny living room that transitions into a cozy, dark TV viewing area, dual roller systems are available, providing an option between the two. The level of sheerness is referred to as the “openness factor”, a ratio of the open space in the fabric. The denser the weave, the higher the light filtering properties. Sheer shades are typically measured in the 1% to 10% range while a blackout shade is at 100% for total blocking of light. A sheer shade filters glare while still allowing clear visibility to the outside. A translucent or “dim-out” fabric, on the other hand, can range from a low openness factor up to 95% but creates privacy by limiting the amount of detail seen through the weave. Blackout shades block all light and are perfect for home theaters and master suites.

The weave, or pattern, is also a consideration for both design detail and requirements. Roller fabrics are commonly offered in basketweave, twill and jacquard weaves, each with a unique, directional pattern and manufactured in limited widths. If you have an expansive window opening, the fabric can be turned horizontally and seamed together. A process called railroading. Factoring weight and pattern, certain fabrics lend themselves better to achieving these widths. We’ll guide you through it.

One of the nicest features about custom motorized shades is that they can be programmed to stop at select intervals, lowering and raising them throughout the day. Not only does this allow you to take advantage of either capturing or filtering daylight, but aesthetically, it enables the shades to rest at desired design features such as mullions or chair rails.

Customization doesn’t stop there. Your shades can be programmed in harmony with your lights, music, home security and more to create custom “scenes”. “Good Morning” may lower the shades 30% and brightly light the kitchen while “Good Night” closes the shades, softly illuminates your nighttime paths and locks your doors. For specialized windows, wirelessly controlled shades are the ideal custom solution. Skylights, French doors and dramatic, impossible-to-reach, feature windows all benefit from the energy savings and privacy that motorized shades provide.

The selections and solutions are endless, so how do you determine the right openness factor, weave, color and control? Let’s set up an in-home consultation. If you’re working with an interior design professional, we’re happy to work together to design window coverings that will complement your décor, add value to your home and weave elegance into your automated lifestyle.


Lutron’s extensive wireless solutions

Lutron Fabric Collections Inspiration gallery

Lutron Roller Shade Fabrics


The Soundbar. Great Audio and Sleek Design Solution

The Soundbar. Great Audio and Sleek Design Solution


As the choices in mounting options for TVs grows, so do the challenges in speaker
placement. Thin, lightweight displays can be mounted above the mantle, above a slim
console, or on an open wall. So, where do you place the speakers? While in-walls offer
an elegant solution, installing them is not always feasible. Enter the soundbar and its
versatile installation and feature options.

Many of today’s leading audio manufacturers offer a soundbar solution, an all-in- one
speaker system that delivers high-quality audio without requiring the space of a home
theater receiver and surround sound speaker system. Mounted or placed below your
display, they offer exceptional sound and stunning design. A remarkable improvement
to your TV’s speakers, the soundbar features a center channel and often a full LCR (left,
center and right channels) experience. Some are designed to be paired with surround
speakers and a subwoofer while others replicate full surround sound.
Connectivity, control and quality are prevalent across today’s models, offering
conveniences such as music streaming, wireless connectivity and simple IR learning for
integrated control through your current remote. Martin Logan’s Motion® Vision X with
DTS Play-Fi® technology allows listeners to stream high-res music wirelessly over
existing Wi-Fi networks.

Bose answered the call for a slim soundbar with its SoundTouch 300, boasting a
technology-packed low-profile speaker that pumps out big sound. It features QuietPort
technology that eliminates distortion, allowing deep, rich bass.
Triad has an extensive array of options ranging in size and capabilities. They offer micro
and mini LCR’s as well as a micro 3-in- 1 speaker designed for use with shallow flat-
panel televisions. New to their line-up is their on-wall Mini LCR 3.0 SE (Special Edition),
offering “unparalleled” performance with 3 separate audiophile speaker systems
integrated into one sleek, acoustiperf-grilled package.
Dolby Atmos brings a new “dimension”

Dolby Atmos sets the bar even higher with its immersive, realistic technology. Dolby
Atmos “frees” sound from its channels for heightened impact by enabling finer control of
each individual sound. Through strategically positioned speakers, sounds move around
the listener from every dimension for an immersive, life-like experience. A few
manufacturers have started to offer Dolby Atmos in their soundbars. Paired with one its
breathtaking 4K displays, Samsung delivers a seamless 4K Hi-Res Audio experience
with its HW-K950 Soundbar speaker system. The system replicates cinema-style sound
with 15 built-in speakers including 4 upward-firing drivers and rear wireless speakers for
crystal-clear sound all around.

Sony recently introduced a 7.1.2 channel Dolby Atmos/DTS:X TM Soundbar and
subwoofer system that claims its 3-dimensional, accurately positioned 360º surround
sound will take your breath away. We don’t doubt that it will!
On-wall or on console, wireless and Blu tooth, surround sound or Dolby Atmos, the
choices are endless but all are great solutions for incredible audio and gorgeous design.
Give us a call, we’ll help determine the best features and solutions for your overall
system requirements, connectivity, control and space.

Smart Home, Healthy Home

Smart Home, Healthy Home

Smart Home, Healthy Home

Today’s Integration of home automation and healthcare is life-changing

It seems we’re just beginning to truly understand the extensive benefits of home automation. For years, we’ve recognized the elegance, convenience, comfort and safety aspects of an integrated home, but we’re learning now that those attributes are just the start. Today’s smart home can aid the disabled, monitor the ill and afford us the opportunity to stay in our south Florida homes longer.

It wasn’t so long ago that baby monitors were introduced. We could breathe a sigh relief while carrying the walkie-talkie-like gadget from room to room. And then…the baby cam hit the market and suddenly we could watch over the tiny ones day and night. Flash forward to today and we can now check in on every room of our home via myriad smart devices anytime and from anywhere. We appreciate the convenience and peace of mind that brings in terms of home security or even keeping watch over our precious pets, but imagine the comfort of being able to watch over an elderly parent.

Automated Home Healthcare

Modern healthcare is finding new, innovative ways to capitalize on our connected homes, allowing people to remain in comfortable, familiar surroundings longer. Automated, simple-to-use devices can remind an elderly person to take their medication or instruct an autistic individual how to prepare a meal.  Caregivers can be alerted when an Alzheimer patient opens a door or when a diabetic’s glucose monitor sounds. For an added measure of security, automated lighting can also be triggered so that, in the event an audible alarm is missed, visual cues will wake the caregiver while lighting the way to their loved one.  Visual prompts can also be life-enhancing for the hearing impaired and elderly.

Voice and “Stress” Control

The recent introduction of google Home and Alexa’s integrated voice control has opened up a whole new world in home healthcare. Individuals that may otherwise be unable to physically or mentally operate a touch panel or keypad can now gain control of appliances, entertainment and security devices with a spoken command, affording them independence.

Home automation and, especially, voice-controlled devices also have a positive impact on our mental health. Multiple medical studies from various academics from Rutgers, Stanford, and University British Columbia have concluded that individuals who feel a greater sense of environmental control demonstrate increased motivation and optimism, and have been shown to have lower risk for psychopathology. That research extends to a homeowner’s ability to be “in control” of their smart home, accessing features that reduce worry and, therefore, stress levels.

The life-saving stories are many and each of us can likely envision a scenario where remote monitoring, automated lighting, cameras, door locks and voice control can make ours and our family’s life easier, healthier and more gratifying. Innovative technologies continue to transform our lives. Home automation, once considered purely a luxury, has become a wonderful, life-changing tool and essential part of our daily lives. Healthcare, along with our homes, just gets smarter and smarter.

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How to Set Up a Collaborative Home Office

How to Set Up a Collaborative Home Office

home office Video Conferencing featuring Polycom.jpg

How to Set Up a Collaborative Home Office

The infrastructure and environment requirements for today’s remote worker

According to a recent survey, 43 percent of employed Americans said they spent at least some time working remotely. By 2020, projections estimate that mobile workers will account for nearly three quarters (72.3%) of the total U.S. workforce.  Mobile devices and simple, yet sophisticated, collaborative tools have enabled today’s workforce to effectively work from anywhere – an airplane, a hotel room or a well-appointed home office. Remote work is a boon to productivity and leads to higher efficiency and lower turnover. It attracts younger workers while keeping older workers in the workforce longer. So, the benefits are many but establishing a remote environment that represents the employer’s brand while providing a productive, collaborative space for the employee requires more than simply plugging in a laptop.

Selecting the Space

The first step is to define the space. The design will be driven by the type of work performed, the equipment required for the job and the available spaces within the home. The room should be a space separate from daily living areas, free from distractions that could potentially interfere with work or interrupt calls and video conferencing. It will need to offer adequate storage and easy accessibility to the home network.

·      Color – Furnishings and surroundings should be ergonomically pleasing and conducive to extended use. Opt for muted, neutral tones or a soft shade such as periwinkle blue, avoiding harsh, dark or vivid shades. Choose matte finish over reflective glossy sheens. Wallpapers and fabric wallcoverings with subtle, non-reflective designs also work well. 

·      Backdrop – Be thoughtful of the background when video conferencing. Keep the space clear of clutter and personal affects. Portable pop-up screens (generic or imprinted with the company logo), room dividers and bookcases provide a professional backdrop and element of privacy.

·      Acoustics – Create a quiet space. Carpeting, area rugs and upholstered furnishings help to manage reverberant noise. Acoustic treatments, including custom wall panels, also aid in noise absorption.

·      Lighting - The more natural the lighting, the better the overall experience. Take advantage of natural sunlight by positioning the desk to face the window, avoiding shadows while on camera. For harsh, direct sunlight, add motorized window shades, available in various light-filtering, non-reflective weaves. If the room’s design is not conducive to proper desk placement and the light source is behind you, blackout shades can be added to properly control the light levels. Ceiling fans with lights create a strobing effect on camera and should be turned off.  An integrated home automation system provides agile control of lighting, window shades, ceiling fans and HVAC, ideal for the working from home.

The Infrastructure

A secure, stable and robust network connection is essential for reliable network connectivity and a quality conferencing experience.  Hardwired broadband is recommended over wireless when possible. Also important to bear in mind is the number of users in the home that are competing for bandwidth.

The Tools

Based on network capability and hardware compatibility, there are numerous platforms available for seamless collaboration. Implementing a few tools to enhance audio and video performance will make for an even better experience.

·      Audio – Conferencing requires 2-way audio and can be problematic without the right equipment as devices can produce distortion and echo. Rather than relying on the laptop’s built-in microphone and speaker, opt for an external echo-cancelling speaker with microphone for clear communication. In a reverberant environment or open office area, a headphone with built in microphone will filter distracting background noise.

·      Video – A good quality, properly positioned camera is critical for effective collaboration. Invest in a high quality auxiliary unit rather than using the built-in camera that restricts control and image resolution. The camera should be placed where the user is focused, just above the monitor’s content for a near-to-natural experience. This will simulate looking into the camera. Common mistakes include mounting the camera below the screen which produces an unnatural and unflattering angle or mounting it on a monitor other than the one hosting the content, showing you looking away from the camera.

Trial Run

Evaluate the quality of the experience by taking it for a trial run. Most platforms offer the ability to record your meeting, giving you the opportunity to view the meeting as if on the far side. Record sessions using various scenarios – both while the room is quiet and when things from across the house are active – HVAC, washing machine, pets, etc.  Type on the keyboard to gauge the sound level of keyclicks, assess how the background looks and adjust camera position and lighting to simulate a face-to-face meeting.

Getting started requires thoughtful design and know-how, but it’s an investment that will be realized through effective collaboration and increased productivity for years to come. As experts in both the technologies and design aspects of this residential/professional hybrid environment, All Digital can help you with the infrastructure and hardware requirements and work with your interior design professional to create the ideal remote workplace.  


IDC Forecasts U.S. Mobile Worker Population to Surpass 105 Million by 2020, Business Wire

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6 Ways to Look Great on a Video Call, Fast Company


The Technologist

The Technologist

The Emergence of the Technologist

An interesting shift is occurring in integrated technology. In this fast-paced race to digitalization, the role of the technology integrator has transformed once again. As more devices, features, systems, services, apps and appliances exist on the network and integrate or “talk” to one another, the technology integrator is transpiring as the single-source service provider for all things “technology.” Hence, 2017 has seen the residential systems technology integrator, a low-voltage provider specializing in everything from network infrastructure, communications, security, energy management and HVAC to elegant lighting and shade control, home entertainment and fully integrated control systems, emerge as the “Technologist.”

As a Technologist, we design, build, program and service our clients’ connected “smart” homes, ensuring seamless compatibility of systems across the platforms for a simple, intuitive user experience. We make your home safe, comfortable, productive, convenient, entertaining and beautiful. We partner with you, exploring your wants and needs, developing a technology strategy that will grow with you and your family. We stay current on emerging technologies and inform you of your myriad choices. We stand by you through the years, offering valuable service coverage to keep your systems running efficiently, effectively and trouble-free. We make life simpler.

All Digital’s extensive training and years in this evolving field have allowed us to foster valuable partnerships with design professionals and adjacent trades. From inception to implementation, we work with an outstanding team of architects, interior designers, builders, landscape architects, electricians and plumbers, managing all aspects of your home project. We communicate the technical and aesthetic requirements of your connected home and make sure provisions are made for future needs. From the simple to the sophisticated, we strive to be your go-to resource for all things technology, your trusted technology partner, the Technologist.

The 2017 All Digital Holiday Gift Guide

The 2017 All Digital Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts for every tech enthusiast on your list!

And so the 2017 holiday season begins! And it looks like another banner year for technology – everything from the latest tech gadgets to the luxurious. We’ve got some great ideas for all the tech-lovers on your list, from budget-friendly to the extravagant. We’ll help you think outside the giftwrapped “box!”

The Sports Fanatic: Your armchair Dolphin quarterback would love a new all-in-one remote or single-room control package. (Are you ready to bundle? We’ve got the perfect Control4 starter package!) And how about some his-and-her custom cinema seating with automated footrests and a convenient armrest/cubby to stash the remote? Or, go all out and add a 4K screen or multi-screen set-up! Even add game day excitement to the patio with a weatherproof (South Florida heat-and-rain-proof) outdoor TV with audio and control package.

The Traveler: Today’s traveler is connected to their mobile phone and apps, and securing their home while away is a great comfort. Imagine bundling automated door locks, a “certificate for a Home Automation Starter Package” and an app-filled smart watch. Top it off with classic Bose noise-cancelling headphones and a bow!

The Gadget Lover: For the #techgeek in your life, give the gift of integrated control of his/her smart watch, Amazon Alexa, or C4iWatch and a single-room starter package that allows for expansion over time. An upgraded home network may be in order so that all those new devices can be added to their Internet of things (IoT).

The Outdoor enthusiast: For those who love the great outdoors(and who in SoFla doesn’t?), a beautifully designed outdoor audio system would bring a lifetime of enjoyment. A portable, poolside music solution could be just right and an outdoor TV offers game day fun and family movie nights. Outdoor lighting is also an elegant touch, offering lighting scenes that highlight exterior walkways and garden features.

The Gamer: Today’s gaming graphics are stunningly real-to-life. But all that data and detail, not to mention virtual reality (VR), require superior resolution. Along with the 2-way headset, add a 4K display and high performance audio system for a fully immersive experience. And yes, this might be a good time to evaluate the capabilities of your home network!

The Music Lover: Music lovers will appreciate high quality sound in many forms. Having the ability to play their favorite playlists anywhere in their home is a must, so portable solutions with Bluetooth or a custom speaker package are great. Serious listeners will enjoy a set of high-fidelity headphones, sleek AV furniture and an over-the-top chair for the “sweet spot.” As for the gear, let’s create a custom package that allows him/her to audition the system that “speaks” to them. We’re great at designing the perfect listening room AND at keeping Santa secrets!

The Movie Buff: Simple! Let’s create the perfect media room or custome home theater. Consider custom, luxurious theater chairs, candy cases, a popcorn machine, marque signs and, of course, a projection system or new display (4K, OLED, QLED), surround sound package and a motorized drapery and lighting control package to signal “show time”! Or perhaps, for the sophisticated enthusiast, an exquisite installation solution!

For Santa: Well, the sky’s the limit. If you’ve got grand ideas for your home or business, let’s formulate a plan for your current needs and future goals. Then, let’s get a Service Plan in place for peace of mind in the Auld Lang Syne. Call or come by today--we’ll help you “wrap up” that gift list and let you enjoy the season!


Put Your Smart Home to Work

Put Your Smart Home to Work


Put Your Smart Home to Work

Throughout the year we endeavor to keep you abreast of the latest in technologies and trends. 2017 has witnessed the adoption of integrated voice control, amazing advances in LEDs, incredible strides in virtual reality and so much more! Our smart homes are truly getting smarter and smarter, but how can we use their features to make our homes safer? Well, here are some simple ways to put your home automation system to work, ensuring you and your family a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.

1)     Light it Up! Every deterrent counts when a would-be burglar assesses your home’s vulnerability. A well-lit home is your first defense. Use landscape lighting, flood lights, and motion-activated lighting around your entire home.

2)     Fake them out! Create lighting scenes that truly mimic your patterns while you’re away. Control4 calls it Mockupancy™. Indoor and exterior lights, shades, televisions and even the Christmas tree are set up on alternating sequences to simulate that lived-in look.

3)     Lock it Up! Automated door locks (smartlocks) with integrated alarms and anti-pick shields add an extra layer of security and convenience.

4)     Lock it down! If you’ve got a home security system, use it. If you don’t have one, call us. If you’ve got one and haven’t used it for a while, call us to schedule to check. Aside from deterring potential thieves, a monitored security system alerts first responders to fire and medical emergencies. And this is a great time to check that your carbon monoxide detectors are working properly.

5)     Keep an eye on it! Enhance your security system with cameras and motion sensors. Their presence alone is a great deterrent.  You’ll be able to keep an eye on things while away and access recordings should any misdeeds occur.

6)     Download the App! Embrace the technology and use the various features available. They offer incredible convenience and peace of mind.

 7)     Gate it off! Be cyber safe by updating your home network. We’re savvy to the latest potential threats and can help protect your home’s critical infrastructure.

8)     Pull the plug! Eliminate the possibility of having your garage door breached. Pull the plug when you’re planning to be away.

9)     Resist the urge! We’re our own worst enemies. Don’t flaunt those beautifully wrapped gifts in the windows for all to see, hold off on that social post from your exotic locale until you’re back home and break down the boxes that your new electronic toys came in to avoid curbside advertising of what’s new on the inside.

Be smart and stay safe and healthy this holiday season. If you have any questions about home automation and its role in your safety and security, please contact us. We’re here to help. Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays.

Additional Resources:

Protecting Your Home from Burglars during the Holidays





Use It or Lose It. Do You Have Extra Money in Your 2017 Budget?

Use It or Lose It. Do You Have Extra Money in Your 2017 Budget?

As 2017 draws to a close, so does the availability of monies allocated for 2017 spending. The New Year brings opportunities to upgrade existing infrastructure, increase productivity through updated collaborative technologies and promote your brand through dynamic lobby displays and improvements to client-facing spaces.

Purchasing equipment now that will be implemented into your 2018 projects allows you to take advantage of that additional funding while stretching the capabilities of next year’s allotment. We can help you and your team strategize, aligning your technology systems with your goals and overall budget. Here are some items for consideration:

A Digital Upgrade

Is your system capable of accepting today’s digital devices? Users have an expectation of utilizing a meeting space with plug-and-play technologies. Transitioning from outdated analog to digital capabilities is paramount to ensure this functionality. For example, does your system have connectivity for HDMI, mini display port and wireless?

Meeting Spaces

Meeting spaces that are easier to use and more collaborative increase user adoption and, ultimately, productivity. In the trending open-office environment, huddle spaces offer a focused, collaborative meeting space for small group presentations and ad hoc meetings. Interactive collaborative displays, robust cameras that are soft codec-enabled (Skype for Business, Bluejeans, etc.), and wireless presentation connectivity provide faster decision-making and increased productivity.

Traditional conference rooms with audio and video-conferencing capabilities would benefit from these enhancements as well as an automated control system.  Lighting control and motorized window shades can also be integrated into the room’s control for an improved user experience. If your room features an older projection system, an upgrade to a laser projector would offer a more engaging presentation along with a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Client-facing Areas

Your lobby is your first opportunity to engage your customers or prospective employees and convey your brand. Dynamic digital signage can enforce your branding, advertise your products and services and inform dwellers of important information and activities. Innovative meeting spaces in these client areas make a lasting impression.

Experience Centers are a great way to engage clients through various interactive displays and immersive technologies.  Architectural features in these environments are accentuated by inspired mosaic displays and exceptionally designed lighting for the ultimate customer experience.

Sound Management & Speech Privacy

Sound masking has been proven to increase worker productivity in today’s open office environments by eliminating noise distractions. It also adds privacy of enclosed meeting and office spaces from common areas, rendering speech unintelligible.

Acoustics are another noise control solution providing barriers and sound absorption that lessen overall noise levels and reduce reverberation from hard surfaces. This increases intelligibility and provides a more comfortable working environment. There are numerous ways to address acoustic control. We can provide consultation and recommend the appropriate solution for your space.

If you’ve done a great job at controlling your budget throughout the year and find yourself with a surplus, consider an investment in technology that will help grow your business, increase efficiency and foster an innovative and collaborative environment for your employees. Give All Digital a call to strategize ways to put your remaining budget to work for you in 2018 and for years to come. 


Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

Photo for Holiday Article.jpg

Company is Coming to Town!

The holidays are around the corner! Soon our homes will be filled with festive decorations, mouthwatering smells wafting from the kitchen and guests to entertain! Whether you’ve been thinking about sprucing up your home before your guests descend or simply want to make some comfortable home improvements that will add to your holiday merriment, here are some things you may wish to consider.

No Place Like Home for the Holidays

Nothing says “Welcome” quite like elegant lighting design. From the moment your guests turn the corner, they’ll see your beautifully lit landscape and inviting walkway.  Your foyer, with highlighted artwork and the soft glow of a chandelier make a stunning first impression. Lighting scenes can transform the mood at the touch of a button (or a simple “ask” of your integrated voice control). An “Entertain” setting may turn your kitchen into a bustling center of activity full of food prep and lively conversation while lowering the downlights, sconces and chandelier in the dining room, setting the stage for the evening’s elegant meal. Following dinner the lights come back up to your “Clean-up” setting and your favorite holiday playlist ques up, drawing everyone to gather around the fireplace (also integrated into your home’s Control4 technology system).

With our gorgeous South Florida evenings, entertain on the patio. Lighting will showcase architectural features, planters and fountains for added drama while highlighting uneven walking surfaces and stairs for comfort and safety.  You and your guests can enjoy cozying up around the fire pit to watch your favorite holiday classics on a weatherproof outdoor TV or enjoy soft background music (or dance music!) from your outdoor audio.

If the weather outside is “frightful”, bring the party indoors into an updated media room or dedicated home cinema. We’ll help you plan the perfect space with plenty of plush custom theater seating.

The Envy of Your Neighbors

If you’re one who wants to share your joy and seek to become a “destination” (or YouTube phenomenon) by putting on an outdoor display that could land a 747, you’ll need a sound system that’s worthy of the task. Those synchronized music and lighting displays are sophisticated, but if you have an integrated home automation system, we can get you in control and in “sync”!

Another feature that adds beauty, warmth and comfort is motorized window shades or draperies.  Automated window coverings can be integrated with your lighting scenes and come in an elegant array of weaves, styles and colors. They are the perfect solution for hard to reach floor-to-ceiling windows in voluminous rooms and can be on separate settings. They’re also great for blacking out light in areas for TV viewing and are available for custom installations over skylights, stairway/foyer accent windows, etc.

Like a Warm Cup of Cocoa

While preparing your guest rooms, imagine offering them the luxury of automation. Easy-to-read and use touch panels, keypads and hand-held remotes that control lighting, fans, fireplaces and more in their room, as well as add elegance and enjoyment to their stay. 

All snug in their beds

While we’re off dreaming of sugar plums, others are up to Grinch-like behavior scheming to steal the joy from our celebration. Yes, unfortunately, according to the FBI, nearly 400,000 homes are burglarized during November and December each year. Burglars are opportunists and will move to an easier score when a few simple deterrents are in place. Strong door locks, compatible with your Control4 system, will keep them out while allowing you the ability to remotely “buzz” your family and friends in using your smartphone app if you’re caught in holiday traffic. And nothing says “we’re home” like programmed indoor and exterior lighting. And your lighting control can be integrated with your home security system for even greater peace of mind.

So give us a call and let us help you prepare for the holidays! We’ve even got a Control4 one-room solution bundle to get you started! All you need to do is create your holiday playlist, address your invitations and start shopping! Shopping? Oh yeah, we’ve got you covered there too! Stay tuned for our gift giving guide. We’ll help you find something for every tech-enthusiast on your list! 

What’s Important to Know About Furniture for AV Storage and Wire Management

What’s Important to Know About Furniture for AV Storage and Wire Management

Salamander Rack.jpg

Technologies for today’s homes and offices are sophisticated, contemporary and elegant. Some elements- such as touch panels, custom-framed displays and speakers that look as incredible as they sound, are meant to be seen. But then there’s the behind-the-scenes components- the receivers, amplifiers, switchers…all the things with the blinking lights and shiny knobs that you choose to either feature or hide away. Either way, they all live somewhere and that somewhere has specific requirements.

Technology systems are comprised of various electronic components that require power which inherently produces heat. Like your laptop or other electronic devices, they need proper ventilation for reliable, peak performance. Not all furniture is suitable to house electronics.

Choices for housing audio video gear are numerous and offer clever solutions for providing air-flow, managing cables and allowing IR signal visibility when required. Regardless of whether your components are stored in an equipment rack in a remote storage closet, or front-and-center in a media cabinet or credenza, purpose-built AV furniture will provide these essential features.

The AV Rack

AV equipment racks are available in various heights, measured in rack spaces or units, depending on the requirement of the components.  They can be installed inside of a media cabinet, on a wall using a swing-out mount or placed on casters for ease of accessibility when servicing. For extensive whole-house or integrated commercial systems, multiple racks may be required. Racks can be placed in the room or located in an off-area such as a centrally located, climate-controlled closet. Some installations will require forced ventilation through the use of thermostatic rack fans that will draw heat away from the gear.  When gear is stored in an enclosed unit, it is imperative that air be allowed to flow so that the heat can properly dissipate. 

Wireless, Not Cordless

The beauty of an integrated system is, well, that it’s integrated- each of the systems “talk” to one another.  Talking equals connectivity and connectivity requires cabling and cords, including wireless solutions. While wireless gear and speakers offer elegant, wire-free signal, electronics still require power. AV furniture provides access to the components as well as rack “rails” or channels to attractively conceal or “manage” the wiring.

Once the cabling leaves the rack or unit, the best path for wire runs needs to be determined, along with factoring in the length of the run and calculating conduit specifications.  This is where All Digital shines- We’ve got the tools and know-how to get cables from Point A to Point B with minimal impact, and we factor in future demands and incorporate those unattractive wires into an aesthetically pleasing (or even invisible) design!

Depth also needs to be factored in when placing components. In addition to allowing some space for airflow, connecters and cables add to the depth required for the back of the gear.  Plan a minimum of 20” for depth. Knobs and control access are also a factor for various reasons. First, units with doors need suitable clearance to properly close. Second, if the system is IR-controlled, a clear line-of-sight must be established otherwise an IR distribution system will be required.

Gaming consoles and media storage present additional considerations. With all that processing going on, game consoles give off considerably more heat than AV equipment, and while they are RF (radio frequency, which does not require sightline) allowing for entertainment unit doors to remain closed, gamers still need convenient access to the unit to charge their controllers.  As for Media storage, even though it seems the logical thing to do, Media should be stored separately from electronic equipment so the heat does not affect the digital content.

Customization and Communication

While audio video racks and entertainment units are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, custom units are often preferred. Some people embrace the high-tech electronics and incorporate the sophisticated gear into the room’s design through custom-framed racks that face the room’s interior. We love this approach, but advise that they be installed at the back of the room so they are not a distraction while viewing an LED display or projection screen. 

Another popular solution is that of the “floating” shelves or enclosed media unit. These units are bracketed to the wall without a base- as if they are hovering above the floor. With a fantastic selection of rack, shelf and media unit designs and finishes to suit any style, we’ve found that Salamander Designs    offers some of the most dynamic, designer-centric pieces available. They even offer a “Design Your Own” feature. As a professional line of technology-centric furniture, all of their solutions provide the ventilation and dimension requirements discussed. If you’re feeling creative, check out their Custom Configurator!

For any of your custom installation work, ALL DIGITAL can provide you or your interior design team with detailed drawings and/or dimensions for millwork. We will also communicate with your electrician or other trades where power drops need to be located.

Form and Function are One!

Today’s purpose-built AV furniture – credenzas, entertainment centers and glass étagères -will offer proper ventilation, accessibility to components and elegant wire management.  We’ll determine the space requirements and share with you and your designer a variety of elegant choices, or when a custom solution is desired, provide the details needed to create the perfect solution for your home or office technology.


How to Optimize The Enjoyment of Your Home’s Technology System

How to Optimize The Enjoyment of Your Home’s Technology System


Feature-Rich and Trouble Free! How to Optimize Your Enjoyment of Your Home’s Technology Systems. 

We’ve recently talked about getting together to assess your home’s technology systems. It’s always a good idea to make sure you’re current on the latest technologies available and how to implement new devices now or in the near future. The other key to satisfaction with your technology systems is ensuring their “technical” health. Simple things, such as dusting components in the equipment rack, go a long way in preventing equipment from overheating. Part 2 of our annual Tech-Up addresses the advantages of having a preventative maintenance plan that would include a visit or two from one of our certified technicians.

Proper digital health requires a regular checkup and some TLC

While your systems may be running smoothly, it’s possible you’re due for a firmware or software update that could potentially activate new, desirable features. We’ll put your network and systems through a thorough test to ensure functionality and make necessary security updates. We’ll also check to make sure everything is properly connected to your network, preventing trouble down the road.

We suggest you make a note of any questions you’d like to ask during the service call and be sure to advise us of any new devices, features or systems you’re interested in learning about or adding.

An Ounce of Prevention

To optimize your enjoyment and satisfaction and to prolong the life of your system we offer our ALL DIGITAL Client Care Plans. The Plans are available in 3 tiers of service (Remote, On-site 1 and On-site 2) to proactively monitor and maintain your systems. Based on the size (number of connected devices) and complexity of your system, each tier features varying levels of services and covered benefits, allowing you to select the plan that best fits your needs. We understand that from time-to-time, equipment will fail. Our goal is zero system downtime and 100% client satisfaction. Our Plans are designed to meet those goals by properly maintaining your components for optimal performance and by discovering problems before they occur.

Healthy Network, Happy Home     

Depending on your service level, a maintenance visit with a Client Care Plan includes:

·       Complete System Inspection

·       Firmware updates

·       Dusting of equipment

·       Adjust Audio settings

·       Touch Panel and Remote Control testing

In addition, a Remote or On-site service plans include:

·       Remote diagnostics

·       Equipment resets

·       Monitoring of power outages and tweaks to programming

ALL DIGITAL Client Care Plans offer our customers added protection, convenience, and peace of mind beyond our standard 90-day service warranty. Our programs offer preventive maintenance visits, remote monitoring, and rapid response for resolving potential equipment issues to maximize your system's reliability and minimize worry. They also provide a cost savings on our services and hourly rates outside of the scheduled visits.

Your home technology is a part of your everyday life. We want you and your family to get the most out of it and we want you to know we’re here to help. We’d love to hear from you – please call us at 954-406-9049 with any questions or to schedule your maintenance visit today!


LiFe Lived Best at Home!!

LiFe Lived Best at Home!!

ALL DIGITAL is a full service electronic systems integration company. We specialize in designing and installing a full range of electronics systems including automation, home theater, lighting control, multi-room audio, networking, smart rack systems, media rooms, and integration for your home or business. Founded in 2004, we have successfully brought technology into client's homes and businesses throughout the region. 

Please contact us for a Free In-Home Consultation today!