How to get the wine cellar of the future

When you think about smart home technology, you might not think of your everyday automation like temperature, lighting and shade control, security and entertainment impacting your wine cellar. But new technology exists for any level of connoisseur and any size collection, complete with the accessibility and organization at your fingertips thanks to state-of-the-art smart home technology and apps, and can be easily integrated into your home’s current automation tech. With the right system, you’ll never have to worry about a power outage at home damaging your wine during your next vacation again.

These systems have many benefits that are only enhanced when connected to your existing home automation technology. Motorized shades, lighting and audio aren’t just for your living spaces anymore – you can utilize your smart home tech to protect your cellar from uninvited guests, control the temperature and adjust the lighting to set the mood. For those with more serious collections, many systems offer inventory monitoring, so you always know when a bottle has been accessed and who accessed it. Need some inspiration? Check out these five luxury homes that feature next-level cellars or this Star Trek fan, who integrated his home automation into his themed wine cellar.

Protect your wine from humidity, temperature changes and power outages with high-tech options like the Elertus Wine Protection System or the IWG Cellar Cerveau. Some come pre configured with an expansive listing of data like wine types, grape varieties and tasting notes, while other apps can also offer suggestions for new additions to your collection. Some systems like the Cellar Cerveau and eSommelier even come equipped with RFID label technology and label recognition software to help you track your inventory – down to where the bottle is located in your cellar and what your current collection is worth.

If you’re ready for the cellar of your dreams, let us show you how to integrate your cellar with the rest of your home’s automation.