The Ease of Automation

What is home automation? To put it simply, it’s about making the complex simple. Considered a luxury by many, and indeed custom lighting control, motorized shades and music streaming throughout your home add elegance, warmth and a layer of luxury, but the true purpose of home automation is to make the everyday easier. Home automation automates features such as your lights, window shades, door locks, HVAC, garage door, security and more. It makes them talk to one another, work together as one. Without question, it’s convenient to pull up in front of your home late at night and, right from your phone, be able to activate a welcome scene that lights your path and home’s interior while unlocking the door and disarming the alarm. But it also helps keep you safe. And imagine if faced with a life-threatening medical emergency or house fire – an integrated lighting and security system could flash the outside lights to quickly alert first responders.

Home automation is about enjoying life’s moments, freeing you from simple tasks. Along with saving time, it also helps save you money by adding energy-saving efficiencies. Occupancy sensors can trigger lights to turn off in an empty room. Window shades can raise and lower to either take advantage of the sunlight or block it out when the AC is cranked up. Lighting control with pre-set scenes of slightly dimmed lights also yield savings, while adding ambiance and convenience.

Parents appreciate getting an alert when their teenager arrives home safely after school. Caregivers are thankful that simple features like voice-control can provide an aging parent greater independence. How could you simplify your everyday with home technology? Are you ready to enjoy life’s little luxuries? Let’s get started.