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Beyond the Lightning Strike: Why Power Management is So Important (especially in South Florida!)

Beyond the Lightning Strike: Why Power Management is So Important (especially in South Florida!)

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Protect your systems from everyday power spikes for improved performance and longevity

We’ve all heard the devastating stories of lightning strikes critically disabling a home’s electronic systems. To add to the frustration and expense, these overwhelming losses are seldom covered under your warranty as the failure was not the fault of the equipment and because additional damage caused to circuits is nearly impossible to detect. And the issues with power extend beyond the rare lightning strike. “Dirty” power, power abnormalities that include frequency or voltage variations, surges and low power factors, critically impacts your system’s performance and longevity.

Digital Performance

Dirty power creates “noise”, electrical pollution, across your sensitive audio and video equipment. While the external power source may be partly to blame, so is every appliance,
motor-driven and “connected” (Internet of Things) device throughout your home as each are
drawing power as they cycle on and off. These drops and spikes across a shared circuit result in
poor performance and quality.

It’s what you don’t see

Damage is sometimes immediate and obvious, but all too often slight damage can occur and go undetected, weakening the equipment and impacting its performance. Over time, this drain will shorten it’s lifespan. The use of low-cost power strips can lead to this type of failure. Not
commonly known, many of these devices are “once and done,” meaning that it may be able to
protect the connected equipment against one strike, but not against subsequent spikes. So,
what if the homeowner were unaware that the power strip had been “hit”, rendering it useless

Back up!

Control processors and other sensitive equipment will experience an immediate shutdown
during power outages. As power restoration is attempted, the system will attempt to reboot
perhaps repeatedly. This can compromise the software and firmware, potentially losing stored
content. By providing a battery backup, the processor can power down on its own and
successfully reboot. Lamp displays and cooling fans can continue to run, preventing lamp
burnout and overheating. And for the die-hard gamer, unsaved “levels” will not be lost!
So, how do we achieve “clean” and constant power? Starting with a robust network, we follow
best practices, installing power filters, professional-grade surge suppression and battery back-
up. The results are reliable, safe, clean power that improves your system’s performance and
longevity while protecting your investment.