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The Ease of Automation

The Ease of Automation

The Ease of Automation

What is home automation? To put it simply, it’s about making the complex simple. Considered a luxury by many, and indeed custom lighting control, motorized shades and music streaming throughout your home add elegance, warmth and a layer of luxury, but the true purpose of home automation is to make the everyday easier. Home automation automates features such as your lights, window shades, door locks, HVAC, garage door, security and more. It makes them talk to one another, work together as one. Without question, it’s convenient to pull up in front of your home late at night and, right from your phone, be able to activate a welcome scene that lights your path and home’s interior while unlocking the door and disarming the alarm. But it also helps keep you safe. And imagine if faced with a life-threatening medical emergency or house fire – an integrated lighting and security system could flash the outside lights to quickly alert first responders.

Home automation is about enjoying life’s moments, freeing you from simple tasks. Along with saving time, it also helps save you money by adding energy-saving efficiencies. Occupancy sensors can trigger lights to turn off in an empty room. Window shades can raise and lower to either take advantage of the sunlight or block it out when the AC is cranked up. Lighting control with pre-set scenes of slightly dimmed lights also yield savings, while adding ambiance and convenience.

Parents appreciate getting an alert when their teenager arrives home safely after school. Caregivers are thankful that simple features like voice-control can provide an aging parent greater independence. How could you simplify your everyday with home technology? Are you ready to enjoy life’s little luxuries? Let’s get started.

The Technologist

The Technologist

The Emergence of the Technologist

An interesting shift is occurring in integrated technology. In this fast-paced race to digitalization, the role of the technology integrator has transformed once again. As more devices, features, systems, services, apps and appliances exist on the network and integrate or “talk” to one another, the technology integrator is transpiring as the single-source service provider for all things “technology.” Hence, 2017 has seen the residential systems technology integrator, a low-voltage provider specializing in everything from network infrastructure, communications, security, energy management and HVAC to elegant lighting and shade control, home entertainment and fully integrated control systems, emerge as the “Technologist.”

As a Technologist, we design, build, program and service our clients’ connected “smart” homes, ensuring seamless compatibility of systems across the platforms for a simple, intuitive user experience. We make your home safe, comfortable, productive, convenient, entertaining and beautiful. We partner with you, exploring your wants and needs, developing a technology strategy that will grow with you and your family. We stay current on emerging technologies and inform you of your myriad choices. We stand by you through the years, offering valuable service coverage to keep your systems running efficiently, effectively and trouble-free. We make life simpler.

All Digital’s extensive training and years in this evolving field have allowed us to foster valuable partnerships with design professionals and adjacent trades. From inception to implementation, we work with an outstanding team of architects, interior designers, builders, landscape architects, electricians and plumbers, managing all aspects of your home project. We communicate the technical and aesthetic requirements of your connected home and make sure provisions are made for future needs. From the simple to the sophisticated, we strive to be your go-to resource for all things technology, your trusted technology partner, the Technologist.

Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

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Company is Coming to Town!

The holidays are around the corner! Soon our homes will be filled with festive decorations, mouthwatering smells wafting from the kitchen and guests to entertain! Whether you’ve been thinking about sprucing up your home before your guests descend or simply want to make some comfortable home improvements that will add to your holiday merriment, here are some things you may wish to consider.

No Place Like Home for the Holidays

Nothing says “Welcome” quite like elegant lighting design. From the moment your guests turn the corner, they’ll see your beautifully lit landscape and inviting walkway.  Your foyer, with highlighted artwork and the soft glow of a chandelier make a stunning first impression. Lighting scenes can transform the mood at the touch of a button (or a simple “ask” of your integrated voice control). An “Entertain” setting may turn your kitchen into a bustling center of activity full of food prep and lively conversation while lowering the downlights, sconces and chandelier in the dining room, setting the stage for the evening’s elegant meal. Following dinner the lights come back up to your “Clean-up” setting and your favorite holiday playlist ques up, drawing everyone to gather around the fireplace (also integrated into your home’s Control4 technology system).

With our gorgeous South Florida evenings, entertain on the patio. Lighting will showcase architectural features, planters and fountains for added drama while highlighting uneven walking surfaces and stairs for comfort and safety.  You and your guests can enjoy cozying up around the fire pit to watch your favorite holiday classics on a weatherproof outdoor TV or enjoy soft background music (or dance music!) from your outdoor audio.

If the weather outside is “frightful”, bring the party indoors into an updated media room or dedicated home cinema. We’ll help you plan the perfect space with plenty of plush custom theater seating.

The Envy of Your Neighbors

If you’re one who wants to share your joy and seek to become a “destination” (or YouTube phenomenon) by putting on an outdoor display that could land a 747, you’ll need a sound system that’s worthy of the task. Those synchronized music and lighting displays are sophisticated, but if you have an integrated home automation system, we can get you in control and in “sync”!

Another feature that adds beauty, warmth and comfort is motorized window shades or draperies.  Automated window coverings can be integrated with your lighting scenes and come in an elegant array of weaves, styles and colors. They are the perfect solution for hard to reach floor-to-ceiling windows in voluminous rooms and can be on separate settings. They’re also great for blacking out light in areas for TV viewing and are available for custom installations over skylights, stairway/foyer accent windows, etc.

Like a Warm Cup of Cocoa

While preparing your guest rooms, imagine offering them the luxury of automation. Easy-to-read and use touch panels, keypads and hand-held remotes that control lighting, fans, fireplaces and more in their room, as well as add elegance and enjoyment to their stay. 

All snug in their beds

While we’re off dreaming of sugar plums, others are up to Grinch-like behavior scheming to steal the joy from our celebration. Yes, unfortunately, according to the FBI, nearly 400,000 homes are burglarized during November and December each year. Burglars are opportunists and will move to an easier score when a few simple deterrents are in place. Strong door locks, compatible with your Control4 system, will keep them out while allowing you the ability to remotely “buzz” your family and friends in using your smartphone app if you’re caught in holiday traffic. And nothing says “we’re home” like programmed indoor and exterior lighting. And your lighting control can be integrated with your home security system for even greater peace of mind.

So give us a call and let us help you prepare for the holidays! We’ve even got a Control4 one-room solution bundle to get you started! All you need to do is create your holiday playlist, address your invitations and start shopping! Shopping? Oh yeah, we’ve got you covered there too! Stay tuned for our gift giving guide. We’ll help you find something for every tech-enthusiast on your list! 

LiFe Lived Best at Home!!

LiFe Lived Best at Home!!

ALL DIGITAL is a full service electronic systems integration company. We specialize in designing and installing a full range of electronics systems including automation, home theater, lighting control, multi-room audio, networking, smart rack systems, media rooms, and integration for your home or business. Founded in 2004, we have successfully brought technology into client's homes and businesses throughout the region. 

Please contact us for a Free In-Home Consultation today! 

Smart Home Basics: Locks 101

Smart Home Basics: Locks 101

Smart Home Basics: Locks 101

Smart locks and smart garages are a great place to start when implementing tech into your home.

If you’re one of the 70 percent of people who use their garage as a primary entrance, or if you’re prone to forgetting to lock the door behind you on the way to work, smart locks or a smart garage are a perfect place to begin with smart home technology.

There are several apps available that allow you to have, give and remove access to your home, whether you’re in the driveway or across town. Smart locks are a great alternative to the age-old trick of leaving a spare key under the mat, and it allows you more peace of mind.

When purchasing a smart lock, the three key things to look for are keyless entry, remote locking and alert options. We suggest assigning different codes to each member of your family and visitors, which trigger alerts sent to your smart code whenever used. Should someone forget their code, rest assured you’ll be able to both lock and unlock your door remotely. Some locks also come with added technology, including reminders to lock your door and close the garage, or even a video doorbell. 

Style is no longer a compromise when selecting smart locks. Kwikset and Yale, for example, offer a luxurious selection of keyed and keyless entry options, complete with all the bells and whistles including, you guessed it, a slick feature-rich app. Baldwin, a trusted name in luxury door hardware, has launched its “Evolved” line claiming “Evolved is the perfect blend of smart lock technology and luxurious architectural design. Pick your perfect style.” And did we mention their app is called an “Augmented Reality App”? That IS evolved!

Want more? Integrate your smart locks and smart garage into a Control4 smart home system. By using your automated apps to lock up, you can automatically trigger your security system to turn on and turn the lights off.

With top-notch surveillance system, such as Luma Surveillance, you can even access remote playback and view live feed via their app. Accompany this tech with a professionally-monitored security system, and you can rest assured that your belongings (and family) are safe.  Call us today to get started!